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How to deal with a school district’s budget crisis

A school district in Ohio is dealing with a $2.2 million shortfall and an unexpected surge in the number of students enrolled in its high schools.

The Toledo Independent School District is on track to have more than 1,600 students enrolled by the end of the year.

It was a goal reached by Superintendent Dan Stansbury after a two-year plan was put in place to keep up with demand and to reduce its student population.

The district is running an average of around 400 students per year.

A large portion of those students are taking classes from outside of district.

The district said it plans to close a number of its high school campuses, including two in Columbus and one in Canton.

District officials said it was a combination of factors, including the number and quality of students moving through the district and a declining workforce.

They said there were no closures of the district’s schools.