Texas School News Comments When does the final week of the school year start?

When does the final week of the school year start?

Palakkade school in Kerala has been closed since September 23 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We had to shut down the school due to a serious incident.

The school was shut down by the school authorities due to its condition, but we managed to restart it after a week,” said the school principal, Shubhra, who was also the principal of the district’s secondary school.”

It’s a good sign.

We can still go to school, but the schools are not open for the last week.

So the students will not be able to go to class,” he added.

Shubhra said the authorities had already asked the district administration to ensure the schools were not open.

“We’ve also asked the health department to do its duty and ensure the health of the students,” he said.

A district education officer said that if the schools had been open, students would have been able to attend classes, and many children would have gone to school.

“But due to lack of proper facilities, we can’t keep them at school,” the official said.