Texas School News Contact ‘I’ll get up and make the fight’: Students at Langley school protest school takeover

‘I’ll get up and make the fight’: Students at Langley school protest school takeover

Langley School in Langley, Virginia, is currently in the middle of a massive takeover, as the school board has taken control of its finances.

In a video posted on social media, a number of students have reportedly said they will be taking over the school, and are demanding that the school be shut down.

“We don’t need no stinking school to raise our kids,” one student said in the video.

“Let’s get rid of the school system and get our kids back to work.”

“What’s going to happen to our kids?” the student asked.

“They’re not going to be getting a fair shot, they’re not getting a chance to learn, they’ll be going to a public school, not a private school,” the student said.

“So, I’m not saying I’m going to get up every day and make a fight.

But if we can stop this, we can get the kids back.”

The Langley High School, located on the southern outskirts of the city, is one of several school districts in Virginia with a school takeover.

Last month, the school district in Alexandria, Virginia was also ordered to shut down and rehire the school’s principal.

Students at Langlley School protest school administration takeover in Langlly, Virginia.

(AP Photo/Matt Rourke)The Langlleys school is owned by a group of charter school operators known as the Langley Family Educational Partnerships (LFEP).

In an attempt to raise money to buy the school back, LFEP’s founder, the late Robert Langley Sr., began raising funds to buy Langlans school, the Daily Beast reported.

In the video, the students are seen demanding that Langley get back on its feet and return to its pre-reorganization status.

In the video they said they plan to “take Langlens schools into the hands of Langley Parents and their supporters, who are a bunch of people that really want Langlies kids to succeed,” and “bring back the Langlains culture.”

The Langleys school district also has a long history of mismanagement and underfunding, including funding the construction of a school on a former military base.