Texas School News Comments What to expect when Houston School News goes dark on October 6th

What to expect when Houston School News goes dark on October 6th

The Houston School Board is expected to close the school’s main building this afternoon, and students in grades K-3 and grades 8-12 will be suspended from school.

The closure is expected at about 3:30 p.m.

Houston ISD will be closed until at least Tuesday evening, when the district’s superintendent will meet with Houston ISDs superintendent to discuss the school closure.

District officials say that the closure will begin in the morning and be completed in the afternoon.

The Houston School System, through its partnership with the Houston Public Schools (HPS), has implemented many changes to reduce overcrowding, improve the safety of students, and reduce costs.

HPS is the sole source of funding for the Houston ISDS.

According to the district, the closure is necessary to improve the districts safety.

The district said that students will be allowed to return to school, and that the building will be re-opened by the end of the day.HPS Superintendent David Wojciechowski has said that the district is focused on reducing the school districts total expenses, and the district will also provide additional support for families.

HPD Chief Mark Johnson said that HPS and HPS schools will be open, but the school system will not be providing any services, including transportation.

District schools will continue to be open as normal, but they will not have any classes until the Houston School Districts staff has finished their work and will be able to make repairs to the school building.

“The District will not open any of the District’s schools during the closure,” the district stated in a press release.

“We are still working through the process to determine what will happen.

If a decision is made to close any of our schools, we will work with the students and their families to get their schedules in place.”

The Houston ISd will not release the schedule of classes until at the end, but it is expected that students who do not wish to attend will be placed in different schools.