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How to build a school in Taunton

How to create a school that can accommodate a large number of students from different backgrounds?

If you are planning to build an academic institution in Tampines you may be interested in the Tauntown School of Education.

The TaunTown School of Enterprise and Technology is an innovative educational centre which was developed to serve the community.

The school has the distinction of being the only school in the state to be accredited by the NSW Education Standards Authority (ESSA) and the NSW State Board of Education (SBOE).

The school is one of the first to be opened in Terengganu since it opened in 2016.

“I am very happy to be able to say we are going to have a school which is accredited by NSW Standards, which is a fantastic thing and we are also the first school in Australia to be certified by ESSA,” said Taun Town Education Commissioner, Andrew Houghton.

The school opened in April 2017 and was initially designed as a boarding school, but with the addition of the Tereggani Community College (TCCC), the school is now equipped with an educational design and construction studio to help the school create and manage its buildings.

“It is a very collaborative environment.

You have teachers from all over the community and students from all different backgrounds.

So, the school can be designed to accommodate different groups,” said Mr Houghson.”

We are designing the school to be open to students from Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and Asian communities, with all the same aspirations and aspirations for what they want to achieve in their lives.”

Our curriculum is all inclusive and the main thing is for them to be happy.

So we are trying to create an environment where the kids have the chance to thrive and flourish,” he said.

They are learning how to write, to read, to do maths, to use computers, to make music. “

They are very much learning the skills that we teach them, so it is a good learning environment,” said Dr Tania Gough, Taunsington School of Educational Development.

“They are learning how to write, to read, to do maths, to use computers, to make music.

They are learning about everything and it is really rewarding,” she said.”

The school is in an area with a lot of vacant land so we have got to be careful that the buildings that are going up are going in the right places,” Dr Gough added.

The construction of the new school is being done in partnership with the Tunngans Educational Development Corporation (TEDC).

The TEDC is the Government-funded organisation responsible for the construction of schools across Australia.TEDC has been working with Taun Towns Education Commissioner Andrew Haughton for the past few months to design and construct the new building.”TEDC is building the Trenham Centre which is the biggest education centre in Tawanda, so this is their first-ever education centre so this means that the community is supporting us in making this building happen,” Dr Houghston said.

Dr Gough said the new educational building would be located at Taunington College which is adjacent to the school building.

The new Tren Ham Centre has been designed with the intention of offering opportunities for students to learn more about themselves through an educational setting.

“Students will learn how to do math, and we will be able give them opportunities to have their own projects and share them with the teachers, so that’s one of their main goals,” she explained.

“What I’m very excited about is that students will also have the opportunity to learn about other cultures and other people, so they will be exposed to different perspectives.”

“The Trens will be learning about their community, so their own history and their own culture,” she continued.

“In the future, we will also be bringing together students from various different backgrounds and communities to work together, which will be a really exciting experience,” Dr Tain said.

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