Texas School News About Why Is the Bible So Hard to Understand?

Why Is the Bible So Hard to Understand?

Collierville School Principal Joe Johnson tells the lad that he has an opportunity to learn from the Bible by reading the Bible in a classroom. 

“I will teach him how to read the Bible,” Johnson said.

The lad has been to the school twice in the past two weeks.

He had just been to a class that included the bible, and he had been told to bring the bible to school, but that he had to leave it in his car, Johnson said, because it was against school rules.

Johnson told the lad to bring a bible with him.

“If he wants to read it, that’s his business,” he said.

Johnson said the lad’s mother had said he could take it home, but Johnson said the family is not prepared to let the lad bring it to school.

Johnson asked if the lad could bring the Bible to school with him and the lad nodded, and Johnson asked if he would like to read.

Johnson said that was the right thing to do, and that he would be happy to bring him to school and show him how the Bible was read.

Johnson then asked the lad if he had ever read the bible in the first place, and the boy answered “yes.”

The boy said that he did read the book of 1 Samuel, but he said he had not read the first two books in the bible.

In a Facebook video on Sunday, Johnson was seen speaking to the lad, telling him that the bible was not the best book in the world.

But Johnson said he was not going to teach the lad the bible unless he took a bible class.

On Monday, the school said it had reached out to Johnson and the school board to “settle this matter”.

“We have contacted Collierton School and offered to resolve this issue in a constructive manner,” the school wrote in a Facebook post.

A Colliington spokesperson said it was not available for comment.

Earlier on Monday, Colliervilles school principal Joe Johnson said there was nothing wrong with the boy’s behaviour.

It was a good thing for the lad not to have a bible at home, Johnson told the news channel.

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