Texas School News Comments School construction is ‘almost complete’, but not ‘finished’, according to Surat district

School construction is ‘almost complete’, but not ‘finished’, according to Surat district

The school construction at Surat school in Jerusalem, where hundreds of students are still struggling to get back on their feet, has been almost complete, but the project is still not finished, school board member Elazar Eliyahu said Thursday.

“The project has started, but not completed,” Eliyah said in a televised briefing on the construction progress.

“We are in the middle of the project and it will not be finished until the end of next year.”

Eliyuhas statement came on the same day the Palestinian Authority (PA) approved a settlement plan for the Palestinian territory that will create over a dozen new homes on land that was previously part of a Jewish settlement, in an effort to rebuild the Palestinian city of Maale Adumim.

The plan calls for building three new homes and four new apartments, but there are still several hurdles to overcome before the projects can be completed, the Palestinian official said.

“Some parts of the construction have already started, others are in a very critical stage,” Eliya said.

Eliyeh said the PA has not yet given the approval needed to begin construction.

However, the PA announced in June that it would spend $100 million to construct the schools, which will be run by the Educational and Cultural Authority.

Eliya also said that PA President Mahmoud Abbas, who is scheduled to travel to Israel on Monday, will not visit Surat.

“There is no mention of Abbas visiting Surat,” Eliyah said.

The PA is currently negotiating a long-term Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement with Israel.

Eliza, who has been the head of the school board since 2013, is also an elected member of the Palestinian Legislative Council.

His announcement comes amid growing concern among Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza about the continued construction of new settlements, including the construction of a new school.

The Palestinian Authority is expected to sign an agreement with the Israeli government on Tuesday that would pave the way for construction of 1,000 new homes for Palestinian residents of Area C, which includes the Westbank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.

Eliyah, who will not comment on any details of the PA’s plans, said he will meet with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to discuss the plan.

“In the meantime, we are very optimistic that the agreement will be signed,” Elyih said.

However Eliyahi said that there is still a long way to go.

“For the time being, we will continue to struggle, and there are many obstacles,” he said.

In December, Eliyu said that the PA will not meet the deadline set by Israel to build 4,000 homes in the settlements, a plan that would allow for the creation of two new schools.

“This is not a final solution, but a preliminary one,” Elayahu said.

He also said the school construction will be a “difficult” process.

“It will take several years, but in the end, we shall succeed,” El Ayyuhas said.

As a result of the building of new schools, El Ayu said, a total of 5,000 Palestinians, including children under the age of 10, have been displaced by the ongoing school construction.

He said the remaining 1,300 Palestinians in Surat are still in school.

“At least 70 percent of the students have returned home,” Elayedi said.

Israel and the PA have been in negotiations for several years to end the Israeli-backed occupation of Palestinian territories, which Israel continues to carry out despite international condemnation and mounting international pressure.

The current Palestinian Authority government is made up of Fatah, the party led by former President Mahmoud Shammati, who currently heads the PA.

The United Nations, which has urged the Palestinian leadership to end Israel’s occupation, said in November that it is “gravely concerned” by the continuing construction of settlements in the occupied West Bank.

In recent months, Israeli forces have shot and killed at least two Palestinians, who were attempting to stab a soldier.

“While the Israeli occupation has been renewed, the settlements continue to grow and expand in the heart of the occupied Palestinian territories,” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said in January.

“Israel has repeatedly violated international law by violating Palestinian rights and has repeatedly refused to fulfill its obligations under international law.”

Last month, UN Secretary General Antonio Gutersaid that the “continued building of Israeli settlements and the continued expansion of Israeli security barriers on Palestinian lands and territories, as well as continued settlement activity, constitute a flagrant violation of international law and the relevant UN resolutions.”

He also warned that the settlement activity would continue unless Israel stopped its settlement activities, saying: “There will be no solution unless there is a commitment by Israel that it will cease its settlements.”

Israel announced plans in June to build an additional 3,000 housing units in the northern West Bank district of Ma’ale Adut, a move that sparked international