Texas School News Type Arizona State: NCAA sanctions school suspension, no bowl eligibility

Arizona State: NCAA sanctions school suspension, no bowl eligibility

ASU athletic director Pat Haden announced Monday the NCAA has slapped the school with a one-year bowl ban for all games played in 2017, a move that will keep the Aggies from competing in the Sun Bowl.

Haden announced the ban Monday during an afternoon news conference.

The school also was stripped of all bowl eligibility.

The school’s bowl games will be played on Sept. 1 in the Rose Bowl and the Sugar Bowl on Sept 18 in the Orange Bowl.

Arizona State is also facing a bowl ban because of a violation of NCAA rules that bans teams from using ineligible players.

Haden said it was unlikely that any of the other bowls would be affected, though.

The bowl ban will not be effective immediately, Haden added.

Had a few more notes to make.

We’re not aware of any bowls in which they could have been impacted.

We have a lot of bowl games in the Midwest and the Northeast.

But we’re not sure that there are any.

We’re still working through this.

We will work with the NCAA to resolve this.

Arizona will have one more bowl game next year.

That’s going to be in the Cotton Bowl, which is in New Orleans.

The NCAA has issued a one year bowl ban to ASU, the latest punishment in a series of actions taken by the NCAA following the school’s investigation of the 2016 bowl season.

Hadan said he was disappointed in the NCAA decision.

He added that he is confident that we can overcome these challenges and continue to be successful.

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