Texas School News Type Which school is the most dangerous in Kerala?

Which school is the most dangerous in Kerala?

Kerala has become the most violent state in India in recent times, with over 40 students killed since the beginning of the year, the most since 2009.

The most recent case occurred on March 6 when a girl was allegedly hacked to death by two boys at a primary school in Palakkads town.

The police said that a group of youths attacked the girl and her brother before killing them.

The attack is the second on the district in less than a week.

Palakkas primary school has been shut for the next four days due to the spate of attacks.

There were also several other incidents of looting and vandalizing of school property.

The police said the attack was the result of a “violent” mob attack.

The school has a large Muslim population and its principal said the two boys were not Muslim.

“This is not the first time a Muslim has been hacked to kill or be killed in Palamkad.

“We are investigating this case and if we catch any culprits, we will take action against them.” “

In a similar incident last month, a Muslim boy was hacked to the head and killed by the same mob, which was also not Muslim,” the police officer said.

“We are investigating this case and if we catch any culprits, we will take action against them.”

The police also issued an alert on social media and in the media that urged people to stay away from the district and report any suspicious activity to the police. 

The Kerala police has asked anyone who is “visiting the district for the first or second time” to be vigilant and report anything suspicious or violent to the local police station.

“If anyone sees anything suspicious, please come forward.

If anyone sees any signs of looting, vandalism or any other crime, they can report the matter to the district police station,” the officer said in a statement.

In the latest incident, a police official said the school had not been reopened.

“The school is closed now for the rest of the day and we are waiting for the school to reopen,” the official said.

There are over 5,000 schools in the district.

More than 2,000 children have been injured since March 6, according to a report by the Indian Express newspaper.

A total of over 8,000 students were at the school at the time of the incident.

“This is a very worrying trend and a major issue of concern in the state.

It is important that the schools are opened promptly,” Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said in his address to the students.

“It is important to remember that the crime rate is very low in the city, where many schools are shut and where the government is focused.

So, if we want to make our education system safe, we need to make it safe in the most vulnerable areas.”