Texas School News Contact School teacher faces defamation charges after saying she was raped by her boyfriend’s relatives

School teacher faces defamation charges after saying she was raped by her boyfriend’s relatives

A school teacher in Mangalore, Karnataka, is facing defamation charges over her blog post on a rape case in which the alleged victim is a relative.

In a blog post, Anushka Rao posted a photo of a school teacher from a neighbouring district, who she said had been raped by a relative of the alleged rape victim in the village of Vira village.

The post prompted outrage from social media users and the district administration, who said the teacher was violating rules and could be punished for violating the school rules.

The school board has now banned her from social networking.

The district administration said in a statement that the post was published without informing the police, who were informed about the incident by the police and took the matter to the school board for action.

The board also said the post violated rules regarding the use of social media.

Rao’s post was in response to a post on the blog of a local journalist who had written that the rape allegations against the alleged rapist’s relative were “fabricated”.

The writer, a freelance journalist, claimed that the relative had committed the rape after forcing his way into the home of the accused and raped the girl.

The post drew widespread condemnation on social media, where it was shared more than 1,000 times and received more than 3,000 comments.

On Wednesday, the police said the district authorities had filed a case of defamation against Rao and had taken the matter up with the school principal.

“The district has taken the incident seriously and the matter is being investigated,” said K V Srivastava, a superintendent of police (SP) of the district.

“The matter will be taken up with Ms Rao as soon as possible.”

In the post, Rao wrote that the victim had told her relatives that she had been taken by a man in a taxi to Vira in the morning of March 3 and raped by his relatives.

She had then managed to escape and call the police.

In the posting, Rao quoted the victim’s uncle as saying, “I’m not happy with this story.

My nephew raped my niece.

My niece got raped by my nephew.

She said she did not want to go to the police.”

The post also claimed that her uncle, who has since been arrested, had been accused of raping the girl twice.

The victim told reporters that she was traumatised by the post and that she is very worried about her niece.