Texas School News Comments GOP senator tells reporters ‘I will not be complicit in the criminal justice system’

GOP senator tells reporters ‘I will not be complicit in the criminal justice system’

GOP Senate candidate Matt Bevin is saying he will not cooperate with an investigation into whether he lied to federal investigators about a 2013 traffic stop and an alleged sexual assault, saying that he will “not be complicit.”

In a Monday statement, Bevin told reporters that “I cannot and will not participate in the Justice Department investigation of my former law enforcement employer and I will not do so in a manner that compromises the integrity of the federal criminal justice process.”

Bevin’s decision came after a New York Times report revealed that he had admitted to a lie about the traffic stop, as well as his alleged sexual assaults, and that he could face criminal charges.

According to the Times, Beven made the admission to investigators when he was questioned by federal prosecutors about his actions after the February 2013 incident.

In response to the report, Bevins chief of staff, David Tompkins, released a statement that said “Mr. Bevin has fully cooperated with all inquiries and has never made any misrepresentations of his character or conduct, nor has he lied about the circumstances surrounding the stop and assault.”

He added that Bevin will “continue to stand by the important principles he has stated throughout his campaign for president: that all Americans should have the right to vote; that a person’s right to privacy should not be violated; and that government should be responsive to the will of the people.”

Bevains chief of police, Mike O’Connor, confirmed the statement.

On Friday, Bevier also announced he will accept a $250,000 gift from the American Conservative Union, which has received more than $9 million from the Trump campaign.

“This is a gift that Mr. Bevis administration has given to us to help us fulfill our mandate to restore the Republican Party to the White House,” O’Connell said.

“The American Conservative will continue to be an independent, non-partisan organization that focuses on advancing conservative principles and working for the American people.”

In an interview with Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren, Bevan said that he is “absolutely disgusted” with the allegations that he lied during the investigation.

“I’m totally disgusted by this allegation,” he said.

In the past, Bevind has denied making false statements.

He said he “made a mistake” during the interview with the Times and said that the incident was not related to his job as a school district police officer.

Bevan has faced criticism over his handling of the allegations and his response to them.

The investigation into his conduct began after a former high school student, identified as Brittany Johnson, alleged that Beven, a Democrat, grabbed her buttocks in the hallway of Bevin School District 101 in Newport News, Virginia, in February 2013.

Johnson said she reported the alleged incident to school officials, who did not act on her complaint.

The school district’s internal affairs division launched an investigation and Bevin was charged with a misdemeanor count of assault on a child, a misdemeanor offense.

The District Attorney’s Office agreed to drop the assault charge, but prosecutors filed criminal charges later that same month.

Beven and Johnson’s lawsuit alleges that he told her that he “wanted to do this” and then assaulted her.

The lawsuit alleges Bevin “was not only a serial offender who sexually assaulted dozens of students, but also a habitual liar who used his position to intimidate women and girls, often to blackmail them.”

Beven has denied Johnson’s allegations, and his campaign has accused the Times of spreading false information.

Bevedins office has said that “any claim that the allegations in this matter were fabricated is completely false and defamatory.”

Bevillens campaign has also denied the allegations, arguing that Johnson was a victim of an “overzealous police officer” and that the district “has a history of supporting our police officers.”

Bevell said on Friday that Johnson “is a young girl who is entitled to privacy.”

“There’s nothing about this incident that would make me want to take any action against a police officer,” Bevin said.

Bevell has said in the past that he did not believe the allegations against him were credible.

“It was not my intention to engage in anything inappropriate and I did not commit any crime, and I’ve never engaged in sexual misconduct in my life,” Bevell told the New York Post in October.

Bevvins campaign has denied any wrongdoing.

“We will continue with the same policy that has served our constituents well for years, which is that if you are a candidate who believes there is an issue here, there is something you should do about it,” Bevvin said at a campaign rally in the state’s western part.