Texas School News Contact When the students are not busy with academics, they are doing the ‘dishonest thing’

When the students are not busy with academics, they are doing the ‘dishonest thing’

In an era of increasing student protest, some students are doing their utmost to hide their academic achievements from the world.

The student leaders of the Paris school where a class-action suit was filed by former students against the school’s principal over alleged sex discrimination have said they are not concerned about their school’s reputation.

The Paris school, known as L’École de la Santé (College of Education), is in the heart of Paris’s student population and one of the most prestigious in France.

According to the school, about 40 per cent of its students are women.

A student leader of the school said they had no plans to make public their findings on the subject, adding: “It is not in our job to give out any information.

I am not the one to tell others what to do.”

The student leader did not say if the student leaders were concerned about the schools reputation.

However, a report published by the Paris prosecutor’s office on Thursday said the school had been accused of discrimination against female students for a decade.

The student leaders claimed they had been unfairly discriminated against because of their “dishonesty” about their academic progress.

They said they would not reveal their findings because the school did not have the means to do so.

The school has denied the allegations and said it had been subjected to a “sustained investigation” into the matter.

A spokesperson for the school told The Hindu that its decision to dismiss the suit did not involve any discrimination.

“We are very happy that the investigation is now concluded.

Our work is not to provide students with a false impression of their academic achievement,” the spokesperson said.”

We are committed to ensuring that the institution is not used as a place for sex discrimination.”

According to the Paris authorities, the school has had to spend about €5.8m ($7.8) a year on its legal defence against the suit.

The school has defended itself against several allegations, including that it failed to provide women with access to academic resources.

The Paris school has also been the subject of controversy because of a report by the French Academy of Sciences, which said the college did not take sexual harassment seriously.