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Polygon: Schools shut in New Delhi after PM calls for a lockdown

Posted September 07, 2019 07:03:24 PM ISTThe capital of India is locked down after a new PM called for a “national emergency” in a rare televised address.

The statement came after Prime Minister Narendra Modi called for India’s capital to be closed as he urged the country’s citizens to take precautions as the country faced a major pandemic.

Modi made the call to the nation late on Thursday, saying it was imperative to secure the country against the “terrorist threat” from across the border in Pakistan.

Modis decision was met with condemnation from many politicians, including the Opposition Congress party, which said the move was “reckless” and “in violation of the constitution”.

Indian Prime Minister Narendrabhai Singh is seen in New York on September 5, 2019.

A national emergency declaration was issued by the government on Monday evening.

The emergency declaration said the lockdown would last for 48 hours.

It comes amid fears that the virus may strike India in a matter of days, with more than 30,000 cases reported so far.

Modise said the government was “taking all necessary measures to protect the people”.

The government’s statement said that if India was to be hit by a major crisis, it would need “all the resources to protect its people”.

But the statement did not provide details about what the government had done to protect people and what measures it would take to ensure the public’s safety.

It did not mention the PM’s calls for citizens to be “super vigilant” and to “prevent any major disruptions”.

The prime minister’s remarks were the first by a top Indian leader to call for the country to be locked down following the declaration of a national emergency.

India’s Prime Minister, Narendraj Singh, says the country needs to secure its borders against the threat of pandemic, September 07.

The PM said he was calling for the national emergency after an “extraordinary incident” and the death of an Indian soldier.

He also urged people to take “necessary steps” to protect themselves.

Modo’s statement came amid fears the virus could strike India by the end of the week, with nearly 30,200 cases reported.

The virus has killed more than 5,100 people in India, according to the World Health Organization.

The government has warned that India’s health system will be overwhelmed with cases.

In a series of tweets on Thursday evening, Modi said he believed the virus was “coming to India in an enormous way” and that the government would take “all necessary measures” to prevent the country from being “left behind”.

The statement also called for “a total shutdown” of all public places, schools, colleges and universities in the country, with the exception of those that are being used as emergency shelters.

The government has already declared the country is in a state of emergency after more than 1,400 cases were reported across the country.