Texas School News About How to Make an Ad for New Port News Schools

How to Make an Ad for New Port News Schools


—  A new ad campaign for the New Port news schools is now available.

The ad will run in the New York Times and other outlets starting Monday, according to the ad agency.

It is called “The New Port,” and it is being produced by The Firm, which has worked on the campaigns of President Donald Trump and his family.

It’s part of a new partnership between The Firm and New Port Mayor Daniel R. Baca, the ad says.

New Port Mayor Dan Baca said he’s excited to partner with The Firm.

The ad shows the Newport school community embracing the new mayor and his administration.

Newport Mayor Daniel Baca says the ad will show New Port students and residents celebrating their new mayor.

The ads also feature a video of the mayor, and a group of schoolchildren performing a song about the mayor and New York City, according the ad.

The campaign will be part of the city’s “Year of Education” initiative, and it will focus on improving school quality, improving graduation rates and helping kids graduate and keep their jobs, according The Firm’s press release.

New York City is one of the top school systems in the country.