Texas School News Contact Bexar County schools get a new science teacher in 2017-18

Bexar County schools get a new science teacher in 2017-18

Bexars schools are getting a new high school science teacher this year, as the county tries to improve its graduation rates.

The Bexas High School Science Teacher Program will replace the school district’s longtime science teacher, John T. Jones.

Bexar Schools Superintendent Ron Johnson said the new position will help improve the school system’s graduation rates, and the district is already seeing positive results.

The school district had been searching for a science teacher since 2014.

Jones had been teaching science classes for nine years at Bexares West Elementary School.

The district announced the change this week.

“This is a big deal for the district, and it’s a big news for all of us at Bixar County, to have a high school teacher come in who will be able to provide a wide variety of science-related instruction,” Johnson said.

“It’s exciting.”

The school system had hoped to hire Jones after the death of the science teacher last year.

Johnson said he had a great deal of interest in Jones and his experience.

“It’s not a job that I’ve ever considered before, so I’m excited to get this chance to take him on,” Johnson told The Dallas Morning News.

The science teacher will be working with the Bexare County Science and Technology Museum.

“Science is very important in Bexaris, especially for the children, and we want to be the best science teachers in the county,” Johnson added.

The new science instructor will start work in January.