Texas School News Type How to protect yourself from sexual assault at the University of Alaska Anchorage

How to protect yourself from sexual assault at the University of Alaska Anchorage

In the aftermath of the infamous Rolling Stone article, Alaska officials are taking a proactive approach to protect students.

The state has announced a plan to help students who are sexually assaulted and have the support of their parents.

In the wake of the horrific assault, the school’s Sexual Assault Resource Center has set up a dedicated hotline to offer counseling, support and advocacy.

Alaskan law enforcement agencies have also been notified, and the Alaska State Patrol has increased patrols at campus locations to help prevent future sexual assaults.

The university is also increasing security measures, including new CCTV cameras and additional officers at all of its buildings.

News.au’s Kate Wightman spent time with the University, where she met the school and spoke with staff members and students about the challenges of being a campus survivor.

Listen to our interview with Kate Wightsman on the first day of school.

Newsradio WA’s Melissa Tisdale spoke to student Stephanie Giesbrecht about the importance of reporting sexual assault, and how the school has been working to support survivors.

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NewsRadio WA’s Laura Miller spent time at the school with a number of students who have come forward with sexual assault allegations, including a student who says she was sexually assaulted by another student.

She spoke to the school about how they are working to ensure that students feel safe.

News Radio WA’s Karen Krawczyk interviewed two students who spoke about how it is difficult to get support in school after a sexual assault allegation.

In this video, we hear from one student who said she was raped by her schoolmate, and we hear her story as she tells her story of how she got help.

News Station WA’s Kate Woodruff spoke to a number who have spoken about their experiences, including the mother of a student accused of sexual assault.

In our first interview, we talk with the mother who said her daughter is in a sexual relationship with her ex-boyfriend.

News WA’s Sarah Daley interviewed a number students who said they were raped by someone else and are trying to make amends.

The story of a girl who says her rapist was a student in her high school.

She also talked to a student whose parents say their daughter was sexually abused by someone who is now a student at her school.

We spoke to students about how their school has dealt with a large number of reports and are helping them to learn from each other and move forward.

Newsreader ABC News spoke to two women who spoke of their experience of sexual harassment in their workplace, including one who said the person she was assaulted by made her feel ashamed and humiliated.

News Reader WA’s Rachel Wylie interviewed a woman who said that her rapist had called her a whore and made comments about her weight.

NewsReader WA’s Lauren Leib said she experienced the worst possible thing when a friend said she shouldn’t wear a dress at work, and that the person who assaulted her told her she was fat.

News Reporter WA’s Laurie A. Nelson interviewed two women, who said one of them, a student, was sexually harassed by a fellow student.

They were both friends of the alleged victim.

Newsline WA’s Kristina E. Hurd had a conversation with two female students who described being sexually harassed on campus by a male student.

NewsLine WA’s Jessica Harker interviewed two female student who spoke to Newsline about the school climate, including their experience with harassment.

NewsWA’s Kate Wilcox spoke to three female students, who were also harassed by male classmates.

News West WA’s Joanna MacLellan spoke to one female student, who spoke with NewsWest about how she had to leave a campus event because of harassment.

A NewsWest.com article on harassment and violence at the university.

NewsWest WA’s Melanie Llewellyn interviewed a student from the University who said there was an incident on campus last week that was recorded by her phone and uploaded to the internet.

NewsWaves WA’s Erin McEvoy spoke to an employee of the school, who told her that one of the student’s alleged victims was a “fringe” member of the university, and there is a lack of support for sexual assault survivors on campus.

Newswave WA’s Danielle Oates spoke to employees at the schools main campus about how the university is working to create a culture of safety and prevention at the high school and college level.

Newswaves WA’s Lisa Wylley spoke to female students on campus about the impact of sexual misconduct on them.

News Wave WA’s Marisa MacKinnon spoke to women who said their school had been the target of harassment and assaults by a former student.