Texas School News Type ‘A truly inspiring and compassionate leader’: Lodi school’s new principal says it will change lives of students

‘A truly inspiring and compassionate leader’: Lodi school’s new principal says it will change lives of students

Lodi, Queensland – For the first time ever, Lodi Secondary School will have a new principal who is dedicated to helping students who are experiencing issues of anxiety and depression.

Principal Kate Robinson, who has a long history of supporting students, has been named as Lodi High School Principal.

The new principal, who will begin her job in June, will be the first female principal at Lodi School, which has seen a steady increase in students over the past few years.

Lodi School Principal Kate Ritchie said Lodi’s new Principal would be a fantastic role model for students and staff alike.

“She will be a leader, a person who can inspire others to be confident and able to tackle their own issues, so that they are able to achieve their full potential,” Ms Ritchie told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“Kate is passionate about teaching and has a passion for her students and their wellbeing.”

This new position is a fantastic opportunity to give Kate the support she needs to lead a very positive and inclusive environment.

“Ms Robinson said Lodys school had never seen an increase in enrolment in a period of time.”

I have been a principal for about 12 years, and the most significant thing that has happened in my time as principal is the increase in student numbers, the increased interest in school, the new year and also in the increased attendance,” Ms Robinson said.”

Our students have shown an incredible level of dedication and enthusiasm, and I am proud to be able to lead them into the future.

“Lodi Secondary Principal Kate Robins has been the school’s principal for 12 years.

Photo: Melissa Adams “We’ve seen a massive increase in the number of students coming to school, and a significant increase in participation in our school programs, which is fantastic.”

And it has also meant an increase of students being in contact with each other, which I think is wonderful.”

Schools are a place where students are welcomed, where they feel safe, and where they are surrounded by peers and teachers who support them.

“So the best way to do that is to provide the most support possible to students, and that includes providing them with positive and supportive environments.”

Lodys new principal will be joined by Lodi principal Andrew Knezevich, who previously served as principal of Lodi South Secondary School.

Lody South Principal Andrew Knesevich is a former deputy principal of the school. Photo