Texas School News Comments Schools closed after school construction: ‘It’s a disaster’

Schools closed after school construction: ‘It’s a disaster’

Winton, New York, New Jersey – Schools will remain closed on Wednesday after the construction of a new school in the city of Winton collapsed.

The Winton School District posted on Twitter that students would return to classes on Thursday, saying “It’s been a very difficult day.”

Officials in New York City said the city would open up to 100 schools on Wednesday to help restore order.

Authorities say about 2,500 students will be relocated from the district’s school in Brooklyn and its nearby Wards 1-3 school.

The district said the buildings will be torn down in three days and replaced with schools.

“It’s not just the students who are affected,” Winton Mayor Mary Jane Ward said.

“The people that work here, the workers who do the job every day, the people that do the construction every day are affected.”

This is a disaster.

“Ward said that while the schools were temporarily closed, she was confident that students could return to the district and that the school district would be able to reopen the remaining schools.

The school district has also said it will be opening up to 80 schools in the next few weeks.