Texas School News Type What will the Federal Government do about the FLA?

What will the Federal Government do about the FLA?

The Federal Government is looking to impose a cap on the cost of school tuition for the first time, following a string of high-profile failures.

The announcement, made on Thursday by Treasurer Scott Morrison, came after a spate of reports over the past two years highlighting the extent of the problem.

The issue has long been contentious, with parents of students at the FLAs biggest public school claiming they are paying thousands more than they were able to.

In November, the federal government introduced a scheme that would see a $500 surcharge on each child’s first year tuition, with the government promising to “restore fairness to our education system”.

But many parents have complained about the scheme’s impact on their kids, with some reporting that it will result in their children paying even more than what they were originally offered.

In response, the Government said the new cap would be imposed by July 1, and that it was now considering the options of increasing the cost or imposing a cap.

The new cap will not affect those currently paying full-time tuition at the schools, and is not a “tax”, the Government’s statement said.

“It will also not affect students who have already paid the full cost of attendance for their primary school,” it said.

Parents have been demanding an end to the practice, with students claiming that the new caps will make their children pay more.

“I think it’s very unfair,” said a parent from Melbourne, who asked to be referred to only as Mrs W. “We’ve had to pay out over $2000 a year.

I’ve had my kids sent to the same school twice in the past year.

They are very upset, I think that they need to know what is happening.”

The Government has also faced criticism for its failure to impose any cap on private schools, including private school fees, which rose by $1 billion last year, despite a previous government promise to impose no cap.

“The government’s approach to school funding is to raise prices on all Australians,” Ms Morrison said.