Texas School News Type What’s happening at Harrison and Strathallans schools?

What’s happening at Harrison and Strathallans schools?

The New England school district is making a few changes to its website, including the closure of the Strathalls and Harrison schools, according to the New England School Boards Association.

The district announced the closure on Monday, saying it will open a new school in Strath-McKenna in 2018.

The Harrison School in Harrison will also be closing in 2018, but it will be open in 2019, the association said in a statement.

The board also said it will offer new leadership positions for both schools and the district will also begin offering paid family leave.

The district will open its first preschool in 2019.

The Harrison and Stratford schools will remain open until the end of 2019, according the statement.

A spokesperson for the district said the new school opened in 2021.

The Strathassons school district has not commented.

The association said the district has changed its hiring policies and policies surrounding the use of social media.

The association also said there have been reports of some employees being removed from the district and some schools having to be closed for safety reasons.