Texas School News Type When Cranbrook Schools Go Back to Normal: School closings are ‘just a step’

When Cranbrook Schools Go Back to Normal: School closings are ‘just a step’

Cranbrook School District 1 is planning to close all schools for at least a week and reopen the remaining ones for one week, according to a notice to principals.

The notice was issued late Tuesday and the schools have been closed for the past two weeks, the district said in a statement.

Cranbrook schools will reopen Monday, but there will be no staff available for the new school year, the notice said.

The district has been dealing with a lack of classroom space as well as the closure of schools, said the district’s president, David Schramm.

“Our primary concern is to make sure we are getting the right equipment in and being prepared for the school year,” he said.

Cranmont Schools are expected to reopen this week.

Cran Brook, in the town of about 3,500 people in southwestern Ontario, has been a magnet school district for more than a century.

Schools were once open from May through August.

But they are closed again after an explosion at the former school building in September killed seven students and injured a dozen others.

Cranhampton-Kent School District said in February that it would close all of its schools for the rest of the school school year and reopen only one.

School district officials are considering a number of options to open up schools, including hiring teachers from outside the district and possibly taking in the students from the nearby town of Cranbrook, said Mike Lippincott, the head of the district.

The decision to reopen the schools comes as school districts in British Columbia and Ontario are considering the closures, which would be the largest since 2010.

The closures will impact about a quarter of the province’s students, according the Canadian Association of Independent Schools, which represents elementary, middle and high school principals.

Ontario schools are being shut down for a fourth straight year because of a fire at the Cranbrook school.