Texas School News Contact What if the next mass shooting was an act of terrorism?

What if the next mass shooting was an act of terrorism?

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Upph… the next attack… might be an act by terrorism.

A student who lives on the same street as the two people in the video has said that the man is a known member of the public.

“He’s got a history of violence, has been known to be violent.

It’s not that surprising, because he’s seen in the area before.

He’s also known to have committed some other violent acts,” said the student.

“The police were called.

I spoke to them, and they did contact him, and he told them that he’s not responsible for this.

He said he was going to be staying home, and it’s not something that’s a criminal matter.”

A spokesperson for the GFS said that a student in the same house as the suspected attacker and the shooter had been spoken to by the police.

“At this stage, the police are investigating this as an act,” said a spokesperson for GFS.

“It is too early to speculate as to why this person would commit this act.

We will be making further comment when we have more information.”

A student in Uppheim told the Associated Press that the suspect “was very nice to the students”.

“He was nice, he was friendly, he would walk around, and we were all very happy,” she said.

“We were all talking about what we were doing, but we never thought that we would be in this situation.”